Vicino DiVino is a network of wine shops with a contemporary taste, where you can find quality wines from local producers and companies from all over the world. 

Born in the Langhe - land that combines wine and tradition, research, history and innovation, territoriality and internationality - our project aims to break down the barriers around the world of wine, bringing together producers,  customers and enthusiasts.

 We are the ideal place to find bottles of excellent quality, both from large renowned wineries and from small talented producers. We are convivial wine bar where you can enjoy a good glass and chat with local producers. 

We organize promotional events for the area such as the Serralunga Vino E festival, meetings with producers and educational tastings.

 We manage two municipal wine shops in the area, the Bottega dei 4 Vini di Neive and the Bottega dei Grandi Vini di Treiso: a small company that is the mouthpiece of the wise Langa tradition, quality wines from the Barbaresco production area. 

We are also an E-SHOP! We deliver our best wine selections directly to your home. 

Finally, we are Personal Sommeliers, with a service that is always active and ready to help create your very personal selection from over 3500 labels in our catalog. 

The Enoteca Vicino DiVino are located in Bra, La Morra, Brno


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