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Serralunga, south-eastern area of Langa del Barolo, where wines rich in alcohol content and great olfactory and gustatory complexity are born. It starts from the classic Barolo by Ettore Germano, very balanced and recommended as a first approach for the wines of the area and continues with a stop respectively in the cru Parafada di Palladino and Badarina di Bruna Grimaldi both of great elegance and finesse. We continue with the balance and harmony ofPrapò di Schiavenza and then reach the Cerretta di Giovanni Rosso cru which, combining power and elegance, perfectly represents the territory of origin. We conclude the tasting with the legendary vineyard of Vigna Rionda expertly interpreted by Guido Porro.

  • ETTORE GERMANO Barolo Serralunga 2013
  • PALLADINO Barolo Parafada 2015
  • BRUNA GRIMALDI Barolo Badarina 2014
  • SLAVERY Barolo Prapò 2014
  • GIOVANNI ROSSO Barolo Cerretta 2015
  • GUIDO PORRO Barolo Vigna Rionda 2014